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                      Details Introduction

                      In order to meet the needs of market development, our company develops an efficient fine crusher, Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. With the concise and compact structure, it can adjust discharge gate directly, prevent iron, and clear the cavity by the unique design of cylinder structure at the bottom. Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher?represents world's most advanced crushing technology, widely used in metal and non-metallic mineral, cement, sand and metallurgical industries for crushing, fine crushing and ultra fine crushing. It has many advantages like high efficiency crushing, low production cost, easy to maintain, good product shape, suitable for fine crushing and ultra fine crushing of minerals. It can do well in crushing the material to the required size to meet the production needs of customers.

                      Working Principle

                      The electromotor leads the eccentric sleeve to rotate by the V-belt, drive shaft and drive gear. The movable cone does rotary and pendulum movement under the leading role of eccentric sleeve which makes the movable cone and fixed cone close and far away from time to time. The raw material is crushed in the crusher chamber by squeezing and striking continuously. The crushed stone discharges from the bottom.

                      Product Data

                      Mode Type of Chamber
                      Feed Opening
                      Min.Outprt size
                      HST100 S1 super thick
                      ≥22 ≤90 85-170
                      S2 coarse thick ≤200 ≥19 70-130
                      H1 fine ≤135 ≥10 46-130
                      H2 middle-fine ≤65 ≥8 35-80
                      H3 super fine ≤38 ≥4 27-60
                      HST160 S1 super thick ≤360 ≥25 ≤160 120-345
                      S2 coarse thick ≤300 ≥22 105-305
                      S3 thick ≤235 ≥19 90-275
                      H1 fine ≤185 ≥13 66-210
                      H2 middle-fine ≤90 ≥10 65-165
                      H3 super fine ≤50 ≥6 48-105
                      HST250 S1 super thick ≤450 ≥35 ≤250 255-605
                      S2  super thick ≤400 ≥29 215-515
                      S3 thick ≤300 ≥25 190-490
                      H1 fine ≤215 ≥16 110-395
                      H2 middle-fine ≤110 ≥13 115-340
                      H3 super fine ≤70 ≥8 90-255
                      HST315 S1 super thick ≤560 ≥41 ≤315 335-1050
                      S2  super thick ≤500 ≥38 305-895
                      H1 fine ≤275 ≥16 170-665
                      H2 middle-fine ≤135 ≥16 190-505
                      H3 super fine ≤65 ≥13 205-320

                      Project Case

                      Our Services

                      We pride ourselves in our commitment and the level of service offered and aim to work closely with customers, to ensure we meet your expectations. Our objective is to keep your business operations running as smoothly as possible on a day-to-day basis.

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                      Using our contact forms you can also send inquiries, give feedback, request information and ask questions.

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