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                      Raymond mill

                      Raymond mill

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                      Details Introduction

                      Vipeak Group has 20-year-experience of Raymond roller mill manufacturing and development. Recent year we keep improving Raymond mill technology on performance and quality. Final size could be adjusted between 100-325 mesh, Raymond mill can process barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, ceramics, glass and other non flammable materials whose Moh's hardness is less than 7, moisture is less than 6%, the rollers mill is used in mining industry, chemical engineering, construction material and metallurgy industry over 280 kinds material process.

                      Working Principle

                      Raymond mill whole structure is constituted by main machine, analytical engine, plumbing installation and air blower, crusher, elevator, electromagnetism vibrating feeder and electric motor. After being crushed to requested size, material will be taken to storage hopper by elevator, then vibrating feeder will convey material evenly and continuously to main machine grinding chamber, under the force of centrifugal, grinding roller swing outward and press on grinding ring, shovel blade scoops material up to gap between roll and ring, grinding roller rolls to grind material. After being grinded, fine powder will be taken to classifier to be classified, coarse material will fall down to be reground, standard fine powder will go to finished product cyclone collector and discharged by discharge powder tube. There is moisture in material, the heat caused by grinding process makes moisture evaporated, all the connectors of pipe are not close-connected, outside air will be inhaled, cyclic pressure will be increased, grinding mill could work under condition of negative pressure state, incremental air will be discharged to dust collector through ductwork, and it will be discharge into atmosphere after purification.

                      Product Data

                      Model No.of Roller(Pcs) Roller Diameter ×Height(mm) Ring Inn Diameter ×Height(mm) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Fineness of finished product(mesh) Capacity(T/H) Mainframe Power(KW) Dimension L×W×H(mm)
                      3R2115 3 210×150 Ф630 <15 <30-325 <0.6-1.8 15 4500×2800×5800
                      3R2615 3 260×150 Ф780 <15 <30-325 <0.8-2.5 18.5 5650×3305×5950
                      3R2715 3 270×150 Ф830 <15 <30-325 <0.9-2.8 22 8000×3500×4900
                      3R3016 3 300×160 Ф880 <20 <30-325 <1.1-4 30 6500×4100×5200
                      4R3216 4 320×160 Ф970 <20 <30-325 <1.8-4.5 37 9900×5800×10580
                      Note: advanced models are mentioned in High Pressure Medium Speed Grinder or Hyper Pressure V type Grinder

                      Project Case

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                      We pride ourselves in our commitment and the level of service offered and aim to work closely with customers, to ensure we meet your expectations. Our objective is to keep your business operations running as smoothly as possible on a day-to-day basis.

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